Books for Every Village at Wendy’s Georgia

Fast food restaurant Wendy’s Georgia, together with publishers Palitra L, Diogene and Bakur Sulakauri, proudly present a fun and charitable new event.

The charity event, titled Books for Every Village, will give book lovers an opportunity to purchase their favorite books discounted by 20% to 90%. If you haven’t planned your weekend yet, head over to Wendy’s at 36 Tsintsadze Street, formerly Saburtalo Street, where you’ll find animators and illustrators and plenty of fun for all your family and friends.

Not only can you choose from a selection of discounted books, you can buy some books for those who can’t afford them. Visit Wendy’s from 2pm on October 31st to 8pm on the 1st of November.

Nina Ioseliani

29 October 2015 22:45