Georgia’s Junior Rugby Players Trained with Georgian Armed Forces

Georgia’s junior national rugby team held preparation trainings for the World Rugby Championship with Georgian soldiers at a military base.

Forty-six players from the U20 National Rugby Team underwent a three day long mental stamina course at the Special Operation Forces Training Center in Mukhrovani, Georgia.

The instructors led psychological and physical preparedness exercises.

During the three day training, the rugby players had to march 7 and 12 km distances with palanquins and ammunition boxes, overcome obstacles, throw 15 kg sacks, and turn over with 200 Lt. barrels and tires.

The players experienced a first aid course and learned how to prepare for an emergency situation.

Lado Kilasonia, coach of the U20 rugby team, emphasized that this gathering and training gave them an opportunity to analyse that there is no fatigue limit.

“These two things are vital in rugby, and especially in the world championship we are leaving for,” Kilasonia said.

“Here are two different generations of players who have never played together and never been in a similar environment. Now the team is united and all realized that unity is what can bring success. The same principle works at the rugby stadium - not one player is more important than the team,” Kilasonia added.

This is the second time rugby players have trained with the Georgian Armed Forces. The training was organized by the Rugby Union of Georgia and the Defense Ministry.

02 November 2015 17:29