Suicidal Saint Stirs Controversy

The Patriarchy of Georgia stated that a painting of a suicidal Virgin Mary is blasphemy and propagates suicide.

The painting, titled, The Virgin with a toy pistol, depicts a pregnant Virgin Mary holding a gun to her head.

The Patriarch called the painting an insult to Georgia and religion.

The painting is by Lia Ukleba, and was exhibited at Ilia State University in Tbilisi.

Ukleba is a self-taught artist and works mostly on feminism issues.

“The painting is inspired by people who do nasty things in the name of religion; they can sacrifice, punish, stone and kill a person. Mary’s ‘attempt of suicide’ is a message that we deserve to be left without God. This is a bitter joke we need to carefully understand,” said Ukleba.

The painting received different reactions throughout society, causing anger among some religious people. Others however, justify it and think that art cannot have boundaries, and the painting was a manifestation of freedom of expression.

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“It seems that one of the goals of this (Ilia State University) institution is to provoke religious people and then conduct so-called scientific observations on them. They will also no longer take into account that the painting promotes suicide. Not to mention completely ignoring the Holy Virgin Mary’s and Christ the Savior’s mission,” the Patriarchy added.

02 November 2015 19:42