Water and Clay Vessels: Lia Bagrationi's Solo Exhibition

Lia Bagrationi's solo exhibition On Point is on view at Artarea Gallery from today.
The exhibit is inspired by Laozi’s concept of the emptiness inside a pot.

“We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want” according to Laozi. As Laozi marks, a pot is defined by the emptiness of its inner space. People always think about size, material or its shape when they are looking at a pot.

Lia Bagrationi's exhibit shows a vessel’s transformation into an emptiness where the latter is expressed by an actual material in her exhibition On Point, which is followed by an installation called Mad Tea Party.

In the exhibition, Lia Bagrationi displays how an uncooked clay vessel transforms into different shapes due to water, resulting in the aesthetic part of the work being ruined. It was it’s hasn’t been. In this case, the ruin is a work of art.

The exhibit takes place within the framework of Artisterium 2015 at ArtArea Galery at 19:00p.m. Attendance is free. Address: Dodo Abashidze 10

Nina Ioseliani

09 November 2015 17:46