Transgender Day of Remembrance Held in Tbilisi

Georgian LGBT activists organized the Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 10th. They hope that November 10th will become the national counterpart to the international Transgender Day of Remembrance occurring annually on November 20th.

Activists held a rally at the Public Service Hall in remembrance of the one year anniversary of the death of transgender woman Sabi Beriani and demanded they punish the person who murdered her. Until October 10th 2014 there were no recorded murders of transgender people in Georgia.

The rally was also held because Transgender individuals are asking for a change in the law in terms of gender identity documents.

“Recognizing a person’s sex is a difficult procedure in Georgia. It requires surgeries many transgender people can’t afford. The Government should take this into account. There is a practice in the world where the diagnosis of gender dysphoria makes it possible to change sex in identity and other documents,” Beka Gabadadze, Chairman of the LGBT Georgia board stated.

25 year-old transgender woman Sabi Beriani was killed on November 10th 2014. Her body was discovered by the fire and rescue services called to her house to stop a fire that had started there. The body was discovered with multiple knife wounds. It is thought accused, Levan Kochlashvili, killed her, set fire to her apartment and then fled the scene.

Kochlashvili was found not guilty of premeditated murder by the Tbilisi City Court. He was found guilty of two further charges however; beating and intentional damage or destruction, and sentenced to four years in prison.

According to the official statement by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, disputes between the deceased and the accused were thought to relate to money. Though some LGBT activists think it was a hate crime based on Beriani’s gender identity.

The rally was organized by LGBT Georgia, Women’s Fund Georgia and Temida.

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Ana Akhalaia

11 November 2015 14:17