Mutso Rehabilitation Update

Financed by the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia, the tower settlement of Mutso’s rehabilitation has been ongoing since 2014. Supported by governmental programs in 2015 destroyed walls are being restored along with stone stairs and the columns of balconies.

The foundations of the settlement are dry masonry which conforms to the traditional building techniques, while the main construction is wood. Mutso is thought to be one of Georgia’s most remarkable monuments as well as a small village in the Dusheti region of Georgia on the right of the river Ardoti.

It is difficult to access Mutso. The village retains its original architecture and is a really popular destination for tourists to visit. The Mutso settlement is divided into two districts, Daiaurebi and Shetekaurebi, which have a natural relief as a border between them.

“The rehabilitation process for Mutso is a pledge for the further revival of the mountains. We will make every effort to maintain out indigenous mountain populations and give them the opportunity to return to their own lands. We have started building a strategic motorway connecting northern (Pirikita) and southern (Piraketa) Khevsureti,” Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili remarked in a statement. 

Nina Ioseliani

11 November 2015 16:39