Georgia May Host Syrian Refugees from EU

European Parliament rapporteur on Georgia Andrejs Mamikins, said Georgia may receive Syrian refugees from Europe.

According to Mamikins, the decision to accept this would be political goodwill, as the potential refugee stream to Tbilisi does not affect the migration crisis in the EU.

The head of the Migration, Repatriation and Refugee Issues Departments of the Refugee Ministry, Irakli Kokaia, said from 2012 until now, Georgia has supported 361 ISIS victims from Iraq and Syria.

Meanwhile, since 2012 in total 167 Syrian refugees applied for asylum in Georgia, of which 62 were granted humanitarian status and five were given refugee status.

Currently, 31 cases are being reviewed, 51 cases have been terminated as the applicants had left the country and 18 applications were refused.

12 November 2015 17:20