Monuments in Tbilisi Light Up with Tricolour in Solidarity with France

Georgia’s Capital City Tbilisi lit up its most iconic monuments in solidarity with France following multiple terror attacks in Paris.

The colours of the French flag were spread across the city.

The Peace Bridge, the building of Tbilisi City Assembly and the Presidential Palace in the centre of Tbilisi lit up in solidarity with France from Freedom Square and Old Tbilisi.

Deadly shootings in the French capital have killed more than 120 people and injured another 200.

Radical Islamist terrorist group, Isis, have claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Peace Bridge in Tbilisi lit up blue, white and red in solidarity with France.

The Avlabari Presidential Palace in Tbilisi also lit up in three colour in a solidarity to Parisians.
The Free University of Tbilisi showed its support for French people as well.
14 November 2015 22:13