Georgian Hazelnut Growers Association to Host First Annual Conference

The Georgian Hazelnut Growers Association (GHGA) plans to hold its first annual conference in Anaklia on November 24. The event aims to increase awareness of the organization’s activities and future plans among farmers and those related to the hazelnut sector.

The conference will be attended by the members of the GHGA and other farmers, hazelnut processors, foreign and local specialists, representatives of the government, NGO’s, insurance companies, financial institutions, input suppliers and others.

The audience of the conference will have a chance to receive up-to-date information regarding some of the key issues in the hazelnut sector, such as pest management, soil, fertilization, crop insurance, world market for hazelnuts, etc.

The Georgian Hazelnut Growers Association was founded on 16 April 2013 and currently counts over 700 members. The main goal of the Association is to improve the knowledge of farmers in hazelnut orchard management, and to help them increase their production and the quality of hazelnuts. The members of the GHGA apply the method of group work that allows them to share their experience and coordinate joint actions to improve hazelnut production. Each group works under the supervision of an expert agronomist who visits them every month, provides technical advice and observes the changes in their orchards. Among other activities, the GHGA facilitates cut-cost services such as: soil investigation, machinery hire for orchard management, the service of de-husking and drying hazelnuts; and offers access to micro credits in order to purchase fertilizers.

The conference is supported by the Restoring Efficiency in Agricultural Production (REAP) program of the USAID.


16 November 2015 21:38