GHG Raises $100 million With London Stock Shares

Shares of the Georgian Health Group’s (GHG) admission into the premium listing ceremony is being held at the London Stock Exchange.

GHG is the first healthcare holding in the region, and the second after the Bank of Georgia Holding, to reach a premium listing of shares. The group manages the Evex Medical Corporation and the insurance company Imedi L and is the largest supplier of medical insurance and health services in the country.

The Exex Medical Corporation is represented by 42 medical institutions on the Georgian market. According to the 6-month data, Imedi L has generated 38% of the premium value on the health insurance market.

The shares of the GHG were placed on the London Stock exchange premium listing, with world famous hospital brands such as NMC Health, Al Noor Hospitals and Spire Healthcare. GHG raised $100 million USD in Capital by putting their shares on the London Stock Exchange.

The investment will be used to further develop the hospital network of the Evex Medical Corporation, the goal of which is to create medical infrastructure to introduce innovative medical technologies and to improve healthcare services. 

20 November 2015 15:42