American Donor to Save Georgian Woman's Life

Nina Saria, a Georgian woman suffering from kidney failure, got a second chance at life. Her savior is Glenn Calderbank, a man who lost his wife to kidney failure.

Saria was shocked when she received her diagnosis in 2014, but fortunately Calderbank appeared to save her life and is preparing for surgery in December.

“People like Glenn and his wife don’t come into your life often, if they come at all. These people will be in my life until the very end” said Saria

Calderbank brought a scrapbook of memories of his wife when he met Nina. The meeting was unexpected, but exciting for Saria.

“He said if I’m a match, he will donate, just like that,” said Saria.

She started crying when she realized this man just wanted to save her life, nothing more. It took three months of testing and multiple days off from work for the generous stranger to get the results.

“I think of it sometimes and I still can’t believe it. It’s just a miracle,” Saria added.

 Nina Ioseliani
23 November 2015 18:55