Geocell: “We Dare You to Innovate!”

Almost all future trends of consumerism, predicted by numerous institutions, come from innovative thinking. Advanced products, services, and platforms are more and more in demand.

Innovation seamlessly covers all areas of human activity, but technology innovation comes first to our minds as a definition.

Today, customers, as the end users, are more involved in developing new solutions. They bring new ideas and contribute to future technology progress, and so, correspondingly, user experience (UX) has been given priority by many leading companies worldwide.

Geocell, as a leader of technological innovations on the Georgian market, has its alternative solutions to supporting innovative thinking. Geo LAB and Geocell HUB are already well placed among young smart minds.

According to the 2014 Brand Tracker results conducted by International research Agencies, Geocell has an established image as the most innovative brand among Georgian customers. The same trends are seen in the results of Net Promoter Score (NPS) Tracker for 2014-2015. Customer perception has a solid background, starting from 2012 when Geocell chose a clear role as Technology and Innovation Educator in various directions.

Innovation laboratory Geo LAB

One slow rainy morning, while brewing your coffee and surfing the Net to check the latest FB or LinkedIn posts, a big idea zaps your brain! You could create a new mobile application. “Oh come on, get real, Steve Jobs!” – says your inner you, chuckling with its usual irony.

Do not give up! Your idea is too cool! Head along to Geo LAB and make your idea a reality. We dare you to innovate!

Geo LAB is an innovation Laboratory for smart minds. It is open 24/7 to the development of different, interesting, useful and at the same time innovative ideas. Geo LAB is equipped with the latest technology and boasts the qualified help of Geo LAB team.

Information Technology Institute (an educational center) is a part of Geo LAB. Anyone who is interested to get knowledge in programing a new product, creating a web or mobile application design can apply for three-month program at ITI.

Geo LAB has been functioning since May 6, 2015. The Laboratory has already hosted 23 events and presentations.

Geo Lab recently hosted Devfest Tbilisi 2015, sponsored by Geocell. Devfest is one of the biggest events of Google, supporting the development of new Technologies and Innovative Solutions in Georgia.

For more inspiration, here is a short list of the projects developed by students:

• Tbilisi Street Art map

• Mobile App Auto stop

• Virtual Classroom

• Education portal for Programing

• Mobile game SpaceX

• Shopping list application; and many more

Follow this link to register.

Geocell HUB

Another smart project that actively supports audience engagement in Technology Advanced Innovations is a Geocell HUB.

Geocell HUB is a dedicated multi-purpose space in Geocell flagships. The idea of Geocell HUB originates from the Geocell Retail Concept, where the BOX is a part of the retail space in our larger shops.

Geocell HUB is always busy; it already hosted numerous guest speakers and innovative product presentations and masterclasses like Google Glass presentation, Oculus Rift presentation, 3D mapping, internet safety, Digital Marketing, and more.

There is a lot of participant feedback that stimulates HUB managers to take initiative in HUB talks in future.

Geocell HUB activities do not limit participants according to age or professional groups or operator subscription. All upcoming HUB events are preliminary announced on Facebook, where the interested audience can easily register and get a ticket. There are events especially organized for schoolchildren, university students and other specific groups.

The future for Geocell HUB is promising; it may just take advanced responsibilities to establishing Digital Discipline and other modern global trends coming soon!

Eka Kipiani

23 November 2015 21:14