CNN: Is Georgia the World’s Cradle of Wine?

A group of CNN journalists recently visited Georgia in order to make a report about Georgian tradition and heritage for their show “Silk Road – Past, Present and Future”.

The group first visited Tbilisi, the historical capital city of Georgia, as well as part of the old city “Dzveli Tbilisi”.

The journalists spoke on how Tbilisi was founded, showing the old worm baths where the story of Tbilisi began. The journalists also explain the meaning of “Tbili” which translates to “warm” in English.

The video from CNN also shows the places on the Tbilisi streets where the wine shops, restaurants and cafés are for all wine lovers to enjoy.

The journalist was impressed by the architecture of Tbilisi which includes a mixture of modern sections and historical and cultural buildings.

“Tbilisi has got a fascinating mix of architecture, you got 19th Century European style buildings you see over here , Soviet era architecture of course and, then there’s the medieval churches,” the journalist comments.

“It’s absolutely beautiful,” they added.

After Tbilisi the group from CNN visited the eastern part of Georgia, the wine-making region of Kakheti.

The reporter talked about the traditional wine-making process and its meaning for the Georgian people as well as the traditional Georgian supra (feast) and their “Tamada” or leader. 

Nina Ioseliani

25 November 2015 18:17