Young Real Estate Mogul Sanan Sanani Breathes Life Into An Abandoned Project

Young Real estate investor Sanan Sanani, recently featured on Entrepreneur brings action on an abandoned multi-family real estate project. He moved to Georgia following a successful business campaign in Dubai seeking foreign investment for Real Estate there. His experience in the field, together with that of his father, helped him quickly grow himself to the top of the game in this beautiful small country. 

GEORGIA TODAY sat down with him to find out about his success and how he made it this far at such a young age.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your vision?

I’m a 25-year-old real estate investor and entrepreneur from Austria. I was born in Persia and lived with my family for 20 years in Dubai. I come from a real estate family of entrepreneurs and property geniuses. My father has built a huge property renovation industry in Vienna, Florida and Dubai. 

I am a negotiator, someone who focuses on the deal rather than the commodity. To me, any property can be a piece of gold if you can negotiate the right terms of the deal before that. My success story started in Dubai when I started my own business of attracting European investors to real estate there. 

I became a millionaire before the age of 25. I put it down to knowing the right way to play the game. I managed to own 10 properties in my early twenties. Following a sweeping success in Dubai, I moved to Georgia in the heart of Caucasia to pursue my dreams.

My vision is to offer better lives to people through real estate since I wholeheartedly believe that real estate is the only business that thrives on top no matter what and it is the only business that can radically change lives. 

What made you start in Real Estate? 

When I realized that I have easy access to highly successful people around me in my life, in Vienna, Los Angeles, Mallorca and Dubai, who all happen to have made their wealth through real estate, I said to myself that’s my lead, that’s the path I’ve got to take, because all these close people around me have confirmed it. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel, or pave a new path and go into the unknown and face many trials and errors, I can just skip the darkness with a flashlight and make a few mistakes but definitely reach the place my mentors have reached, and so I started asking for guidance. Lots of it. 

Why did you choose Georgia to invest in? 

"What does a developing country do? It develops. Generally speaking here, success through Real Estate investing is made through transitional markets. Georgia is a small beautiful country located in the heart of Caucasian mountains. It is one of the most important countries in Eastern Europe because of its proximity to Russia, Europe, Central Asia and the Middle east. Georgia is the 6th country in the world in terms of EBI or Ease of Business Index. The country has very convenient visa policies and citizens from over 90 countries can visit there without the need for visas. 

It is the ideal place for foreign investment thanks to good international relations and the fast-growing economy. That brings us to real estate, which is the main pillar of economic growth following tourism. This is why I chose to be here and I believe it has the potential to witness a 300 percent growth in real estate value by 2025".

Back to our Story

In Georgia, there are so many properties and buildings that need renovation and revamping. It is growing very fast economically but locals are unable to keep up with the changes. This is what makes this country a perfect place for investment. And this is exactly what Sanan did and does. 

He spotted a multifamily complex project in the heart of the town which was abandoned for budget issues. He jumped right in, revived the project and it is turning into one of the most luxurious residential projects in the capital Tbilisi. There is simply so much to build and revamp in this city.

Final Word

As Sanan believes strongly, the best goes to those who find the right opportunity and turn it into a successful deal; to those who learn the game before others do. If you want to learn more about Sanan and his work, check him out here:

23 April 2020 14:30