Government's 6-phase Plan for Reopening Georgian Economy

On Friday, the Georgian government presented a 6-phase plan to reopen the country’s economy.

The plan will be activated step-by-step with two-week intervals over the next three months. Officials will be monitoring during and in between the phases to make sure that easing the restrictions doesn't cause the pandemic to get out of hand.

The first phase starts on April 27 and from then on it will be allowed to:

Drive private cars. Taxis will begin running again, but not public transportation. While no special permits will be necessary to drive, traveling to and from Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, and Rustavi will still be limited. On April 27 and 28, as an exception, people will be allowed to drive from or to these four cities, “if and when they are returning to their actual places of domicile,” according to the gov’t press service.

E-commerce. Internet shopping has been restricted since April 1.

Delivery services.

Open-air agricultural markets.

Second phase: May 11 – May 24, from which time the following will be allowed:

Construction works, construction supervision, and manufacturing of construction materials.

Car wash and auto-service facilities.

Computer and home appliance repairs. 

Recreation areas will reopen.

Third phase: May 25 – June 7

Retail and wholesale stores reopen. This does not include malls.

Publishing facilities reopen. Restrictions lifted on all types of open markets, all types of production activities

Fourth phase: June 8 – June 21

Shopping malls reopen.

Restaurants and on-site food facilities reopen.

Financial services, beauty salons, and aesthetic medicine facilities reopen.

Fifth phase: June 22 – July 5

All types of markets, on-site restaurants/catering facilities reopen.

Sixth phase - July 6 – July 20

Entertainment, sports, recreational, creative, public gathering activities are allowed


Hotels start welcoming guests.

Educational institutions and all other activities start functioning non-remotely.

All faciliies and businesses regardless of category will have to abide by hygiene standards set by the Ministry of Health, including social distancing measures and wearing of masks in closed commercial and other spaces.

Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia outlined on Friday that the gov’t reserves the right to go back to the re-implementation of the restrictions if the pandemic worsens during any phase. 

By Nini Dakhundaridze

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24 April 2020 23:40