Bernard Kouchner: Generics Need to Be Offered to Public at Affordable Prices

Board chairperson of the Global Alliance and former French Foreign and Health Minister Bernard Kouchner attended an international health conference in Tbilisi and made a few remarks regarding Generic drugs, noting that it is a must to offer public generics at affordable, low prices.

“When a citizen feels he/she is able to buy Generic drugs which are produced in India, it is important for them to be offered at low prices, however, this system needs to be constantly controlled,” Bernard Kouchner said.

“I remember the time when we were starting reforms in my country- providing affordability on Generics was tough because people didn’t trust new medicines. This is why Georgia has to work hard with citizens and groups of doctors to boost trust.

The doctor should explain to his/her patient what generic drugs are and, of course, the involvement of the Ministry of Health is also vital.

You need to make a choice between a country’s budget and its healthcare,” he said.

“France offered healthcare insurance but the process to create that whole system was long and hard. Now we have a united healthcare system but it is costly. We offer the option of a system which answers to general affordability and medicine progress issues.

26 November 2015 20:39