Minister: Georgia Will Be among First Countries to Open Safe Corridors

“Georgia will be one of the first countries to open safe corridors with other countries and restore tourism flows,” Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Natia Turnava said at the presentation of the anti-crisis economic plan on Friday. 

She added that the Georgian Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development is working on a specific anti-crisis plan for support of tourism at the instruction of Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia.

The Minister noted that tourism is one of the main industries which needs help and support from the state.

"The tourism sector has to be prepared for the new demands and challenges of the post-pandemic period. It is one of the industries that needs help today. Tourism has been a great benefactor in our economy, a very big employer, it has supported Georgia and now it needs our support and assistance. We will become one of the first countries to open safe tourist corridors and will again restore the movement of tourists, however, we have to work hard. This plan is being developed and will soon be introduced to our tourism sector, ” Turnava elaborated.

She added that the government is already thinking about restoring regular flights in certain directions, with strict adherence to guidelines, however, "It depends on the desire of the countries the state is negotiating with and the situation in these countries."

Turnava further noted that the international organizations have already started working on the establishment of safe flight principles and Georgia will be one of the first countries to take these principles into account.

By Ana Dumbadze 

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01 May 2020 16:47