Business Café – Second meeting of the joint project by Insource and PASHA Bank

Consultancy company Insource and PASHA Bank hosted the second meeting at Business Café. The meeting was held at Holiday Inn Tbilisi. Among the guests were representatives of top management of the leading Georgian businesses. The meeting was moderated by Mr. Alexander Jejelava and the main topic of this interactive discussion was organizational corporate culture.

The project aims to arrange meetings of top-management representatives from different companies where they will be able to discuss specific work-related topics and share experience with each other. The invited guests discussed the examples of the corporate culture of their own companies, its importance and the ways of its development.

There is a rising interest in Business Café meetings from the managers of large and successful companies. The project will continue in 2016 and offer numerous new features to its guests.

„PASHA Bank always tries to support the projects that aim at the professional development in business sector. We are more than happy to have the opportunity to join this interesting and useful initiative,” commented the Head of PR and Marketing Department of PASHA Bank.

27 November 2015 15:58