First Micro-Entrepreneur 2015 Award Held (UPDATED)

The Georgian Micro Finance Association and Micro Finance Center have revealed the best micro entrepreneurs 2015 in five nominations:

Socially Oriented Micro-Entrepreneur 2015 - Tamar Tavzarashvili

Best Micro-Entrepreneur 2015 – Tamaz Namoradze

Best Women Micro-Entrepreneur 2015 - Ani Wiqarishvili

Most Innovative Micro-Entrepreneur 2015 – Gia Janjgava

Best Young Micro-Entrepreneur 2015 – Piqria Bandzeladze

H.E. Andrzej Cieszkowski, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Georgia: “Georgia is a very important country for Polish Development Assistance. Creating micro-financing institutions in Georgia is very crucial because it gives real chance of development of this segment in Georgia. In Poland we have a great experience in this segment of market and we are extremely happy to share our experience with our Georgian friends and to assist it financially and will continue collaboration with it, - Cieszkowski, said with Georgia Today at the award ceremony.

Georgia Today spoke to one of the awardees, Tamar Tavzarashvili, who was granted the award for opening a private kindergarten in Ozurgeti.

“I applied to the micro-finance organization Crystal for financial assistance and the organization gave me a lot of attention and helped me start a small private business. I opened a kindergarten in Ozurgeti and employed 15 local residents. The opening of a kindergarten was greatly sought after," said Tavzarashvili.

The first “Micro Entrepreneur 2015” Award ceremony was designed within the framework of the Poland Development Corporation program and funded by the Polish Foreign Ministry of Affairs. Other supporters and financial assistants of the Micro Entrepreneur 2015 include the members of the Micro Finance Association Credo, Swiss Capital, Crystal, BIG, Lazika Capital and FINCA Bank.

Meri Taliashvili

30 November 2015 19:56