French Bar Opened in Manhattan by Georgian

A French lounge bar complete with French music and a European-Georgian menu opened in Manhattan two months ago by Georgian Tamuna Makharadze.

Known as ‘Lola’ by her American friends and husband, she now has an American citizenship and is well-known in the area.

Chef Tamu’s new creation brings fresh charm and minimalistic chic to the Gramercy/Flat Iron District’s culinary scene.

Chef's expertise in classical French cooking and her Georgian roots infuse best of two worlds on one table and promise you delicious and memorable journey.

“I wish to add more Georgian meals slowly into the menu soon. For now we have a dish with eggplant and nuts and spinach with pomegranates. We wanted to have a mixed menu from European countries and experiment as well,” Makharadze talk to the Georgian service of the Voice of America.

According to her the decision to learn at culinary university was her husband’s idea. She was a private chef at Tommy Hilfiger previously.

She has also worked as a model for agency ‘ELLY’ but her dream didn’t come true until she came to America.

“Honestly I didn’t wait for miracles when I arrived in America but I hoped to create something new here. I wanted to explore my possibilities hidden inside of me and to do my best. I learnt a lot from myself and finally I found myself.” Makharadze said.

The New York Times reported about Makharadze two months ago.

01 December 2015 18:51