Austrian Alpha Medic May Take Ownership of Three Hospitals in Tbilisi

Austrian consortium Alpha medic is the only company to have moved onto the second round of the tender on management, ownership and operation of three hospitals in Tbilisi: Republican Hospital, Tbilisi Cancer Center and the Children’s Infectious Diseases Hospital. Renovation projects and the timeline of these hospitals will be known after the tender procedure is fully complete.

According to the tender requirements, the three hospitals should be designed, constructed and / or reconstructed to EU standards, including equipping them with high-quality medical technology.

The winning consortium must ensure accreditation of the project with JCI standards, as well as personnel certification and training with a special program of staff development.

The entire project should be carried out with the healthcare model of the United Kingdom. According to the conditions, the winning consortium will be required, together with the Government, to manage, own and operate the hospitals with public-private partnership projects (PPP) principle.

The tender also includes network planning, construction, clinical services and infrastructure management of the EU standard health care system.

Retraining of staff and equipping the medical sector is also being planned.

Alpha Medic is an Austrian consortium which carries out full cycle PPPs, cooperating with the EU’s leading providers in the healthcare sector.

Each member of the consortium is a reliable partner with extensive experience in the health sector. The group’s activities are based on the four principal areas: design and engineering, construction, and commissioning and operation. Consortium activity is based on the United Kingdom, Western European and worldwide standards and practice.

The company believes that they will be able to successfully implement healthcare programs at the national level. Such program objectives may include rehabilitation of secondary healthcare or developing the integral model of healthcare which also includes developing the network of the primary healthcare. The goal of such projects is to improve the population’s health and citizen access to healthcare.

Ana Akhalaia

07 December 2015 17:35