MINI ECO FEST: Tbilisi Sea Cleaning Day, Sept 26

On Saturday, September 26, Tbilisi Sea Cleaning Day will take place, hosted by Precious Plastic Georgia, restaurant Cheers wine and pizza, Tbilisi’s Skateboarding school, UGMB brewery and an unusual pet-friendly bar Valiko Mansion.

The event, aimed at cleaning the environment from rubbish and also encouraging others to clean and protect it in the future, starts at 9:00 and lasts until 00:00.

"Join us to clean the area while having fun and meeting great like-minded people. There will be music, skate ramp, snacks & drinks, laughter and more- all for free!,” announced the organizers of the event.  

Many pleasant surprises await those who wish to join the initiative: 

— FREE beer 

— FREE vegan cake by Ananda Sattva Home Made

— FREE coffee by Cherie

— Skateboarding ramp by

— Modern art performance by Liza Khoreva

— Tsikara by Red Bull

— Beer by UGMB

— Pizza and sangria by Cheers wine and pizza

— Japanese dinner 6-8pm

— Yoga and Ecstatic dance classes

— Kids & Dogs Friendly

— Campfire

MUSIC: DJ Chin @chin_dj; DJ Sheniguru @sheniguru; DJ Nuts & others

LOCATION: Tbilisi Sea:

COVID-19 NOTE: Remember social distancing is still a law. Participants are kindly asked to take precautions and have their own face masks. 

WHAT TO TAKE: your own reusable cup; drinking water (also will be handed out for collected trash and sold on site); your own mask; as many friends as you can.

WHAT WILL BE PROVIDED: bags for collection; gloves; really cool crowd; awesome music; good vibe; a bottle of beer or a glass of water or a cup coffee (if you have your own reusable cup) or a vegan cake or a hot dog per person in exchange for collected rubbish.

25 September 2020 17:28