Two Men Arrested for Hacking Facebook Accounts

The Georgian Police have arrested two men for illegally hacking facebook accounts to obtain computer data.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, police detained Vasil Q., 23, and Raindi K., 32, for illegally accessing the social network and adding users to various closed groups.

The statement on the investigation stated that in February 2015, Vasil Q. created a web page ( similar to facebook in order to access people’s computer systems illegally to grab information.

Vasil Q. posted information in the social network and provided the link to the web page. Interested users found themselves on the fake page by clicking the provided link, where additional information was needed.

“After authorization the password of the Facebook user was automatically sent to the web host created by Vasil Q. and stored in a specifically made folder. During the course of the investigation user names and passwords have been detected in the files. By obtaining these usernames and passwords Vasil Q. illegally penetrated Facebook accounts and added them to various closed groups,” the statement read.

The investigation also established that Raindi K. also illegally penetrated Facebook accounts and changed users’ passwords and posted adverts on their profiles and received a certain amount of cash from those who ordered from the ad.

“During the search of the apartment owned by Raindi K. policemen detected facebook usernames and passwords obtained as a result of the illegal activities,” the statement reads.

According to the MIA all Facebook passwords are being returned to their legal owners.  The Investigation is in progress under article 284 and 286 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

08 December 2015 14:14