Carrefour Continues Digital Expansion: Products of French Brand Now Available on Vendoo

Customers across Georgia are set to be pleasantly surprised and delighted, with Carrefour - the largest hypermarket and supermarket chain in Georgia - set to transform their shopping experiences with the unveiling of exciting, new digital offerings. Operated in Georgia by Majid Al Futtaim, Carrefour is renowned for the unrivalled choice of products it offers its customers. The brand is set to improve upon this access as it builds on its ongoing digital expansion and collaborates with equally driven and forward-thinking partners to redefine the modern retail experience and satisfy even more customers.

Across the country — from Tbilisi to Zugdidi; Batumi to Rustavi — Carrefour customers can now purchase imported non-food items through Vendoo, an online shopping space that enables users to easily cross post and sell items on multiple marketplaces. Using Vendoo, Carrefour customers will be able to enjoy a smoother, more convenient and streamlined retail journey, with their ordered items being delivered straight to their doors.

This newly announced partnership between Carrefour and Vendoo also safeguards customers’ health and wellbeing in the wake of COVID-19, supporting them to shop from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

Additionally, Carrefour customers can also use Vendoo to access and shop for the very latest kitchen and bathroom accessories, a wide range of home decoration items, agricultural products and yard furniture; all without having to set foot outside of their own homes. Carrefour customers will also be rewarded with 20 per cent discounts — if they shop online using a VISA card — when ordering through Vendoo.

With the festive season fast approaching, Carrefour is already encouraging its customers to get into the spirit of giving by unveiling its impressive selection of new and affordable Christmas accessories. Customers can take to Vendoo to browse the new seasonal range, add to the upcoming festivities and make their celebrations truly unforgettable by purchasing any one of the brands charming Christmas accessories.

Vendoo is the first online shopping space in Georgia to connect customers and suppliers throughout the country, providing shoppers the best products in the best possible conditions at the best prices — all while prioritising customers’ comfort. Currently, there are 20 major categories on Vendoo, each with their own additional subcategories. Today, there are more than 400 stores on the platform, with over 40,000 products available for customers to buy. Shoppers can browse and purchase these items at any time of the day — 24 hours a day; seven days a week. The platform also offers dedicated online shopping assistance and a speedy delivery service that covers the entirety of Georgia. Recently, Carrefour has been proactively expanding — both physically and digitally. The brand has accelerated its expansion plans to provide even more customers with unique shopping experiences. Today, especially in light of COVID-19, customers demand increasingly personalised experiences; experiences that reflect their growing focus on safety and convenience when they shop. As always, Carrefour strives to satisfy its customers and cater to their needs, delivering a renewed shopping experience that allows customers to embark on accessible and streamlined retail journeys. In partnering with platforms such as Vendoo, or developing equally cutting-edge digital spaces of its own, Carrefour is leading the way in embracing multi-format retail: a new way of shopping that allows customers to shop with ease and peace of mind; whether using their mobile phones, an app or by visiting an engaging website.

This physical and digital expansion also underlines Carrefour’s commitment to the local economy, extending the brand’s ongoing support of the communities it serves, and Georgia as a whole.

The brand recently celebrated the opening of five new local stores in the country, including a new outlet in Zugdidi. These stores openings create all-important employment opportunities, doing so across the country in areas such as Batumi, Gori, and the capital, Tbilisi — where residents will all benefit from the stepping stones these new jobs present. The opening of the new stores maintains Carrefour’s position as one of the largest job creators in the local market, with the brand’s many outlets generating employment for over 2,000 locals.

The economic benefits these stores present, along with the fact that each and every one of the newly launched Carrefour outlets offers the communities they cater to increased access to a wide variety of high-quality food items and household goods, including exclusive French products made by Carrefour, underscores the brand’s commitment to increasing Georgians’ accessibility to quality products at the best prices.

With 29 local stores now in operation throughout the country, Carrefour continues to provide its customers with more access to fresh and healthy products at affordable prices.

Moreover, Carrefour plans to open five additional branches within one month in order to be as close as possible to its customers, satisfy their needs and offer the best value. This is at the very heart and core of the brand’s mission, vision and values; it is what sets it apart and distinguished it as a truly community-minded and customer-focused one. Ultimately, be it with its expansion or its focus on quality, the brand simply wants to reward its loyal Georgian customers and communities; creating great memories for every one, every day.

15 October 2020 19:03