Protests in Front of District Election Commissions: Several Activists Detained

Several opposition activists have been detained during the rallies ongoing in front of district election commissions (DECs) across Georgia.

Zviad Kuprava, a representative of the UNM, is among the detainees. Reportedly, the incident took place when the activist was trying to enter the building of the Vake District Election Commission.

At the same time, rallies are being held in front of other District Election Commission buildings both in Tbilisi and regions, where the Central Election Commission is reviewing the election-related appeals. 

In addition to Vake, opposition supporters also gathered in front of the Isani and Mtatsminda district commission buildings.

Opposition rallies are also underway in Kutaisi. Representatives and supporters of the opposition parties are holding a rally in front of the 59th Kutaisi District Election Commission.

The situation on the spot is tense. A physical and verbal confrontation took place outside the building. Law enforcers tried to defuse the situation. Police removed a few activists from the site.

The rallies in front of the District Election Commission Buildings are being held for the second day amid tensions.

Demonstrators claim that they are protesting against the results of the 2020 parliamentary elections, as "Authorities had stolen the election," and demand its annulment.

By Ana Dumbadze 

Image: 1TV

05 November 2020 21:27