HUAWEI’s 14 Flagships to Receive Updates by the End of March 2021

The company HUAWEI announced an EMUI upgrade plan in early December. The EMUI 11 will receive 14 flagship models from HUAWEI, including the P40, P30, Mate 30 and Mate20 series smartphones, along with Huawei’s latest MatePad.

The latest EMUI 11 company was introduced to the general public on October 22. It offers new software features such as:

• Ability to perform operations faster and easier.

• Ability to open and work several windows on the smartphone screen at the same time.

• Ability to share the screen between both smartphone and personal computer, as well as between smartphone and tablet.

• Ability to block the most important information separately.

• Ease of Story Creation - With the help of EMUI 11, HUAWEI users will be able to set the desired music as a background to their videos directly, without the need for additional software, and to montage them in the gallery.

• Improved protection of privacy and security.

With all this, it offers an updated, modern design with elements of art. The updated, simple and sophisticated visuals of the home screen will definitely leave no one indifferent. Given that you can change and adjust the colors for the screen design yourself, it will undoubtedly be able to win your heart.

Receiving updates is divided into two stages, and the periods vary by region. Additional details can be found at the link.

10 December 2020 20:00