EU Supports Gori in Boosting Tourism under Mayors for Economic Growth Initiative

In early 2018, Gori municipality started the implementation of a Pioneer Project in the framework of the EU Initiative “Mayors for Economic growth.”

The Project ‘EMPOWERING LOCAL ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES FOR SUSTAINABLE GROWTH’ in Gori was specifically targeted at increasing the visitor-friendliness of the city, revealing its culture and history to the fullest, offering pleasant and varied leisure options, and enticing tourists to stay longer in Gori and come back for more. The total budget of the project is EUR 695,997 where EU contribution is EUR 600,000 and the rest is co-financed by Gori Municipality.

Within the project, the following places were renovated in Gori: Lomchabuki Park, The exhibition hall in Lomchabuki Park, Shota Rustaveli Memorial and the surrounding area. In addition, a hiking route was built around the famous Gori Castle and a bicycle trail and parking spaces are under construction now.

Additional infrastructure objects for tourists have also been created, such as: Tourism Information Center in Lomchabuki Park; Trade Space and Public Restrooms on the slope of Gori Fortress; National Cuisine and Craft Shops near the Ethnographic Museum. 

The Project is planned to be completed in January 2021, after which the city will be ready to present both domestic and foreign visitors with its new identity and vibrant character.

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11 December 2020 17:22