Georgian Jeweler Offers Practical Answers to the Pandemic Challenges

Tsvara, a Georgian jewelry company offering modern designs created using modern versions of ancient jewelry-making techniques, met the pandemic restrictions and the resulting crisis in the Georgian market with high-demand gold products of two completely new directions. Baptism and marriage are special traditions, and in the societal culture of our country, not even a pandemic can reduce their relevance, or stop us from planning for them. As such, essential items related to these celebrations are always in demand.

Against the background of the recent unstable access to shops, Tsvara has completely switched to an online service mode, making sure that those who want to get married and baptized can always, under any circumstances, safely buy, order and receive the necessary jewelry. Tsvara also made it possible to pay by installment for any purchase, thus reaffirming its readiness to adapt to the special social needs associated with the pandemic conditions. For the baptism day, Tsvara offers a completely new and especially practical product for future godparents: the “Baptismal jewelry box”. Safe and sophisticated in design, it is a universal set for the day of the baptism. The essence of the product is tailored to the practical idea of combining the care, time and budget of several godparents around one baptism day and a common godchild.

The mentioned set combines a baptismal jewelry box containing a gold cross and a silver cross, the latter by tradition worn in infancy. The main gold cross was created by Tsvara in two design segmentations: one for girls and one for boys. The technology of enameling is used on the crosses, and the unity of the design is achieved with golden granulation. The silver cross worn in infancy is designed for up to 3-year-olds. It boasts a safe design for infants - with all its corners carefully processed and smooth, eliminating the risk of damage to or scratching of the baby's delicate skin.

The set is placed in a box created especially for the day. On the upper part of the box, the date of baptism and the name and surname of the godchild are engraved, while on the lower relief of the jewelry box, the names of the godfather / godmother/ godparents are inscribed. The "Baptismal jewelry box" will simplify the important decision-making process related to the choice of the cross for all the godparents, and will make the date of baptism an impressive start to the special care shown to the godchild.

For wedding days, Tsvara has created a new, original design of gold rings for couples. The design belongs to the Chief Master of the Tsvara gold line, Vazha Kutateladze, and is a brilliant example of shape and virtuosity that can be obtained in handmade jewelry. The design of the rings has a clearly noticeable Georgian goldsmith character, and is distinguished by its high virtuosity of execution.

The wedding rings differ from each other in detail, and one can easily understand which ring is designed for the man and which for the woman. However, the unifying line of style and content, as in the baptismal crosses, is also preserved in the wedding rings, and this unifying line in this case is again in the use of granulation.

“We did not separate the wedding rings for couples even in the photos, and left them there together as a symbol of the eternal union of two people,” note the representatives of the Georgian jewelry brand.

Those interested in the rare and wonderful examples of traditional Georgian jewelry produced with modern technologies can visit the website /, or contact the company directly:; +995551820520.

26 December 2020 14:51