Adapting to a New Reality: Bene Exclusive

The pandemic has had a significant impact on all businesses around the world, and companies operating in practically every industry have had to transform to adapt to these unprecedented times. Bene Exclusive has been successfully operating on the Georgian market for three years.

“Until now, we’ve been represented by only leading premium car brands, which also includes the services of a highly quali fi ed driver,” says the founder of Bene Exclusive, Bene Basilia. “Prior to the pandemic, about 80% of our segment was foreign visitors on a tourist, diplomatic, or business visit to Georgia. They either booked our service directly themselves, or the hotel administration contacted us to provide transportation for guests. We actively cooperate with 4-5 star hotels throughout Georgia, whose customers are represented in the premium segment. The world events of the last 10 months have changed our reality as well, in fact, our segment has been so limited that it has become unimaginable to develop our business with a focus on tourism.”

Having observed the market, the company was soon able to distinguish a new priority segment as employees of different companies, whose transportation needed to be carried out in compliance with all the established standards and safety rules. Thanks to its diverse AutoPark, Bene Exclusive was able to offer preferential rates to its partner companies.

“We could not have done otherwise, because we understand how important it is for the overall business sector to stand together and support one another,” says the company founder. Bene Exclusive developed another new direction during the pandemic: CAR RENT. After conducting market research and a situation analysis, the company found local potential and started to study the demands of local customers. Many people travel within the country, and want to do so independently to visit different parts of Georgia. They find it comfortable to rent economy cars without a driver. Bene Exclusive's new Car Rent line was created just for them.

“We were able to adjust to the new reality and focus on visitors within Georgia – people who are busy discovering their own country. “We hope the challenge facing the world will be over soon, and that we will be able to host international visitors, diplomats and business tourists on the same scale as before,” Mr Basilia concludes.

26 December 2020 18:05