New Project from Anagi Development: Park Home Saburtalo

The Anagi Development Company, as its name suggests, is focused on development, and does its very best to delight its customers with novelties and to offer them innovative, quality products tailored to different needs. After 31 successful years in the construction sector, the company has now created a new real estate development direction, with the goal of creating an excellent living environment. The concept of its projects takes into account both traditional and modern architecture, promising clients all the conditions needed for a quiet and, in equal proportion, active life.

Despite the difficult situation caused by the pandemic, Anagi Development is still moving forward, and now has some good news for its customers in a new project to be added to its portfolio of success: “Park Home Saburtalo.”

Park Home Saburtalo will be a residential complex in the center of Tbilisi which is sure to satisfy the desire and taste of any age segment. The distinctive complex boasts panoramic views of the city, a huge recreation area, sports and fitness infrastructure and, most importantly, all the features necessary for a comfortable and quiet life. The new 29-storey residential complex Park Home Saburtalo will be built in the central part of the city, near metro Delisi and VazhaPshavela Avenue. Set for completion in July 2023, it will be accessed via Gazapkhuli and Mamia Gurieli streets. Despite its proximity to a main thoroughfare, shopping center and other important facilities, its being just 90 meters from Nutsubidze Street makes Park Home Saburtalo a quiet, cozy and convenient place to live.

Customers of Anagi Development already know that the company pays great attention to infrastructure, making a living environment that is not only comfortable, but also healthy and green. A modern standard recreation area, a large green yard, walking and rest areas, children's entertainment and sports fields create all the conditions for residents to be able to live, work, have fun and relax without leaving the complex.

In addition, the park, which is actually your yard, in addition to creating a comfortable and healthy environment for living, is an ideal space to start new relationships and turn your neighbors into friends. The Park Home Saburtalo project includes a commercial space where it will be possible to visit cafes, buy household or other items, relax at the fitness club and pool, and do everything that is part of a modern and comfortable daily life.

The complex offers the following benefi ts to future residents:

• Own recreational space and park

• Protected inner yard

• Sports areas and playgrounds

• 25-meter and children's swimming pools

• Fitness Hall

• Commercial and office spaces

The Park Home Saburtalo complex is a place where active life and tranquility combine. Residents will be given the opportunity to set foot in a modern lifestyle and at the same time rest in an environment created especially for them. In recent years, safety issues and compliance with construction rules have become very relevant in the country, and Anagi Development really stands out in this respect, with a security system provided on the territory of the complex offering an additional guarantee for the tranquility of the residents. The whole complex is equipped with firefighting systems of Belgian and German production and all safety norms are observed.

Park Home Saburtalo will have 210 residential apartments of 42 to 142 square meters which can be combined due to convenient planning. It is possible to start your idyllic life in the complex as soon as the construction is completed.

The Anagi Development team has taken into account all the details that might cause inconvenience to future residents and decided to offer its customers a fully renovated apartment with built-in kitchen furniture and appliances. In addition to this important news, the future residents of Park Home Saburtalo will be given an excellent opportunity to enjoy a New Year promotion until January 31: buy an apartment at a discount and enjoy special payment terms.

The company offers customers both a single payment term and a 30 month 0% installment. The initial payment is only 20% of the apartment value, while 80% is distributed as follows: cover 30% of the payment while the project is under construction and the remaining 50% after moving in, which is an additional guarantee that the construction process and repair work will be completed on time, in advance.

In addition, Park Home Saburtalo offers customers an additional 5% discount in case of internal installment purchase, and 15% discount in case of a single payment.

27 December 2020 15:39