Famous Gloria Jean’s Coffees Can Now Be Enjoyed in Georgia

Life starts after coffee, they say, and the majority of us would probably agree of an early morning. And for all coffee-lovers, the quality of coffee and its preparation are of the utmost importance. For real connoisseurs of coffee; those who appreciate the unforgettable taste and flavor of the highest quality special coffee, there is exciting news: Gloria Jean’s, an Australian coffee brand with 40 years’ experience, is now available in Tbilisi on Liberty (Freedom) Square! The new branch at Aleksandr Pushkin Street 1/3 continues the tradition of the brand by sourcing quality coffee beans, training the best baristas to serve up their unbeatable coffee with a smile.

The very first Gloria Jean’s opened in a small town outside Chicago in 1979. Kvetko was a determined young mum from Chicago with a dream to own a coffee shop where she could combine her passion for caffeine and meeting people.

In 1996, the first Gloria Jean’s Coffees opened in Sydney, Australia, and today, the Gloria Jean’s team serves extremely delicious coffees in more than 50 countries around the world, now including Georgia.

The cozy Georgian branch was opened at a difficult and strange time for businesses, due to the global pandemic. However, its management team maintains optimism and enthusiasm and plans to offer a lot of pleasant novelties and surprises to customers. As soon as you enter the coffee house, it becomes clear that serving customers with love and care is one of the main principles of its staff.

A pleasant environment and interior filled with the appetizing smell of distinguished coffee, friendly and polite staff, and high-class service puts the facility among the must-visit places while exploring the districts of Old Tbilisi.

The team of Gloria Jean’s is as united as a family, a special relationship also easy to see on entering the branch. All staff members have undergone special training, conditioning their professionalism and high qualification to guarantee full customer satisfaction.

Every day, during 'Happy Hour', from 08:30 to 11:30, customers can grab a mouthwatering Americano and Chocolate Biscuits for just 6 GEL. Starting a day with one of its freshly brewed coffees is the perfect solution for positive energy and a better mood.

Original Blend Dark Roast is the signature taste of Gloria Jean's. However, coffee lovers can find a wide variety of special coffees suitable for any taste, from delicate and creamy Cappuccino to intense and aromatic Americano. And only original top quality beans roasted in Australia are used during the preparation process. The Tbilisi branch of ‘Gloria’ is distinguished by its image, the result of the rebranding carried out by the company.

The particularly cozy and comfortable environment makes Gloria Jean's Coffees the perfect place for meeting friends. Moreover, as these days many people have to work remotely due to the pandemic, it can also serve as a workspace thanks to its high quality internet, outdoor seating and wide selection of coffees to keep the brain awake.

Each cup of coffee at ‘Gloria’ is controlled by professionalism, with the condition of the beans to milk temperature carefully maintained. No burnt milk or dissatisfaction here! Gloria Jean’s Coffees plans to further develop the ‘pick up’ service in Georgia, as the majority of locals are used to sitting in the cafe, drinking coffee and enjoying snacks and sweets, while the take away service, which is one of the main characteristics of ‘Gloria,’ is less popular. The newly opened branch also uses its unique interior to promote talented young artists, offering them a brilliant opportunity to decorate its walls with their artworks, so contributing to increasing their sales and popularity among visitors. Of special note is the fact that the full amount of any sales goes straight to the artists.

Gloria is set to expand and open more branches not only in the capital but countrywide, so that more citizens have a chance to enjoy their coffees. Apart from quality coffees, customers can also enjoy a wide variety of tea imported from Australia, and the exotic tastes of fruit, rose, and tropical green aromas which can’t be found in other such coffee establishments in the country.

Yet another special feature of ‘Gloria’ is decaffeinated coffee, which is a rarity in Georgia. It is noteworthy that all coffee beans for sale at ‘Gloria’ are placed in special packaging, so they never lose their distinguished components or aroma. Visitors can also dine on a light and quick breakfast of sandwiches, cakes or salad. Naturally, coffee will remain the main component to a good start to the day.

While visiting the Tbilisi branch of ‘Gloria,’ it is clear that the destination is relatively more popular among foreigners, as the brand itself is as yet lesser-known among Georgians. However, it is gradually gaining popularity, and based on the quality of its products and services, Gloria Jean’s Coffees are expected to become a favorite place for many locals in the near future.

In future, the brand is planning on developing a delivery service for customer comfort, and many exciting events and offers are in the pipeline for the New Year and other special occasions, so loyal customers of ‘Gloria’ are unlikely to get bored!

28 December 2020 12:16