Reps of Georgian Tourism Sector Call on Govt’ to Respond to Recovery Plan

Representatives of the tourism sector call on the Government of Georgia to respond to the Recovery Plan aimed at saving not only the tourism industry, but Georgia’s economy as a whole.

Tourism industry representatives say the Georgian government has ignored the plan, which is both safe and urgently needed. They state that skiing industry, for instance, will simply not survive unless the restrictions are lifted.

Winter resorts should be reopened first, the addressers believe, adding that they intend to host guests in compliance with all official recommendations and regulations.

Fifteen business associations on Wednesday released an open letter addressed to the Government of Georgia, stating that skiing restorts, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls should be opened in Georgia, because otherwise, according to the forecast of specialists, many will not be able to survive the crisis. 

Transport and air traffic should be restored too, they add, albeit with strict adherence to all relevant safety measures.

To assist the government in the process of gradual reopening, the signatories of the letter introduced a six-point plan aiming to save the Georgian economy.

The proposal of the initiative group regarding a meeting with Giorgi Gakharia aims to once again stress the points that need urgent addressing in order to save the economy, because otherwise, they say, the majority of the establishments will simply not survive. The aim is to call on the government to take urgent and effective action.

22 January 2021 18:25