How Beeline Bid Farewell to 2020

Saying goodbye to last year’s difficult 2020 and meeting the new 2021 with renewed energy was particularly significant and different this year than in previous years. Let's see how companies try to increase employee motivation using the example of Beeline.

Beeline made a fun video to summarize 2020, where, instead of actors, the employees adapted the roles. The video describes the challenges overcome in the past year, the experience gained, and the numerous interesting discoveries. The company believes that despite the difficulties, the distance has brought employees even closer, and that by caring for and supporting each other, they will succeed in developing.

Before the New Year, each employee of Beeline found a big and beautiful box outside their door, a magic gift set sent as a surprise from the company which was highly praised and also made a significant contribution to creating a positive mood in 2021.

In 2020, all COURSERA and LINKEDIN courses were available free of charge to all Beeline employees. The most hard-working employees of 2020, those who passed the most online courses, were gifted KINDLE PAPERWHITE.

At the end of the year, despite still being in remote mode, the Beeline HR team, as per tradition, decorated a Christmas tree for its staff.

At the end of the year, a traditional meeting was held in a new format: online, where employees summed up 2020 together, thanked each other, and wished each other a Happy New Year. No-one expected such an emotional gathering online; however, seeing all the employees at the same time brought a sea of positive emotions, and everyone saw once again how much they miss each other.

28 January 2021 20:57