BTU to Create Online Scientific Journal & Award for Science in Business & Tech

The Journal of Business and Technology is a scientific journal of Business and Technology University, the first issue of which will be published at the end of 2021. The journal is published annually, in an online format with open access, and will be in English, so that leading international scientific circles can access it. The publication includes scientific materials and publications related to business and technology.

The editorial board of the journal is staffed with top international scientists, including Webster University (USA), Leiden University (The Netherlands), Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia), Henley Business School (UK), Newcastle Business School (UK), Steinbeis University (Germany), Cologne University of Technology ( Germany), Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (Portugal), and the representatives of the United Nations Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Rector of Business and Technology University, Professor Nino Enukidze, and Director of the Research Center, Professor Zviad Gabisonia, are members of the Editorial Board from Georgia.

Research studies conducted at BTU will be published in the online scientific journal. At this stage, up to 20 professors of the university are working on various studies, the results of which will be summarized and reconciled, and accordingly, the first issue of the journal will be prepared. At the same time, people affiliated with BTU will have the opportunity to collaborate with the magazine from around the world.

One of the main purposes of publishing a journal is to stimulate young scientists. That is why a special section will be created dedicated to the publications of BTU masters, doctoral and postdoctoral students.

In addition, the Research Center of Business and Technology University is setting an annual bonus for the promotion of scientific research and science: The Science Prize, awarded during the academic year in the field of business and technology, following evaluation of the activities carried out by the scientist, their published papers and various activities. A specially created group of scientists and international experts representing various advanced research centers and institutions around the world have set the award criteria for scientific activity, which includes the number and quality of scientific papers performed at a high scientific level and generally recognized, the rating of published publications, research citation indexes, contributions to the development and promotion of research and more.

A scientist who obtains a science award in the relevant field will be awarded the title of Laureate of the Science Prize of Business and Technology University, will be given a laureate diploma, and will also receive a cash prize.

The first award ceremony is scheduled for the end of 2021.

‘Digital Economy in Georgia and the Region, Models for its Development’ is a series of studies planned by the BTU Research Center, to be conducted in partnership with international partner centers and scientific institutions.

The Center for Macroeconomics and Development Research in Washington, DC, the Center for Economic Studies at the Canadian Academy of Sciences, the Technical University of Munich, the Free University of Berlin and other high-profile research centers are in partnership with professors from Business and Technology University.

Negotiations on cooperation and joint research have already been completed with leading American, European and Asian universities, research centers and industry organizations. Surveys will be conducted during 2021 and will be published as a single report at the end of the year.

At this stage, cooperation within the internationalization of research has taken place with the following universities and organizations:

Technical University of Munich (Germany);

Free University of Berlin (Germany);

Louisiana State University (USA);

Henley School of Business (UK);

Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania);

University of Tartu (Estonia);

University of Granada (Spain);

Brookings Institution (USA);

Center for Economic Studies, Canadian Academy of Sciences;

Macroeconomics and Development Research Center, Washington;

Israeli Research Centers.

In the field of digital economy and digital management, studies will cover the following sectors: Green Technologies and Renewable Energy, Digital Silk Road, Global Pandemic Management with Digital Technologies, FemTech, Fintech, AgriTech, Education Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and more.

By Ana Dumbadze

28 January 2021 21:25