Up to 130 Restaurants to Declare Boycott, Shut Down Delivery Service

Up to 130 restaurants will declare a boycott against the current coronavirus-related restrictions in force across the country, and will shut down their delivery service on Saturday, January 30, as a sign of protest, Shota Burjanadze, a representative of the Georgian Restaurateurs Association, told Tabula.

He noted that the number of restaurants expressing their protest will increase. In parallel, protest rallies will be held. 

Restaurants Association, Gastronomic Tourism Business Association, and Gastronomy Association have released official information regarding the boycott. 

"On Saturday, January 30, Tbilisi restaurants will stop operating. The takeaway service also will not work for one day. 

"Because of Lockdown, the country is on the verge of a social explosion. Businesses are going bankrupt. Unemployment rate rises. No effective steps to overcome the problems can be seen.

"Since the government of the country cannot assess the existing problems properly and reminds us that we can use the takeaway service, we refuse to use this service and online services for one day in protest!

"On Saturday, at 15:00, we will join a peaceful protest in front of the Government Chancellery.

"We hope that the population will understand our move, which is caused by extreme despair," reads the statement. 

Presently, the following restaurants join the boycott:

The Black Lion, Taqueria, Khasheria, Legatto, Keto and Kote, Kera, Tsiskvili Group, Megrelian House, Steak House, Z10, Oyster Bar, Suliko, Tone, Barbarestan, Beer House Varazi, Varazi Beer Garden, Black Dog, Moulin, Number 9 Brewery & Bars, Zazanova, Woodstok, Republic grill bar, Badiatshatrovani, Bikentias Saqababe, Marani, Marani Hall, Burger Classico, Stelzenhaus, Cafe Discovery, Dolci di Paradiso, Green terrace, Wine bar Sapere, Rachis Ubani, Chick'n Guys, Veriko, ACID Bar, Sofia Melnikova’s Fantastic Douqan, Burger House, Salobie Bia, G. Vino, Coffee Lab, l'Eclair de Génie, Gagra, Bar Kikodze, Shemoikhede Genatsvale, Pomodorisimo, Sabadurebi, Strada, Candy, Tavaduri, Kudebi, Khinkali House Iverioni, Kalina, Bina 37, Gala, Terra Wine, Darabebi, Mziuri Cafe, Tea House, Maestro, Lenville, Kakhelebi on Beliashvili, Kakhelebi (Lilo), Prospero's Cafe, Restaurant Zala, Drunk Talk, Tsibakha Game Club, Sakhelosno BAR, Cecilia, Jazz Rock Cafe, Dedaena Bar, Makulatura, Barbar’a Gastro Bar, Babale, Hard Rock Cafe, Meoba, Cafe Daphna, Piano, Pasanauri, Bernard, Shemoikhede Genatsvale (Marjanishvili), Bernard Sushi, Cecilia City Cafe, Sakhachapure N1, Chveni, Warsteiner, Chef Saradjeff, ჯე ი რა ნი / Rock Paper Scissors, Success Bar, Valiko Mansion, RIKEze, Alibi, Pub McLaren, Barakoni, Lola & # 39's sweets, Ketis Bistro, Veris Duqani, Mosaic Bar, Burger Bar, Restaurant & quot; Chikovani & quot; Ambavi, Quesadillas, Bukhari, Abkhazia, Colchis, Italian Gallery, Georgian Gallery, Food Management Group, City Cafe, Cafe Bloom, ERTI KAVA coffee room, Chashnagiri on Beliashvili, Chashnagiri in Natakhtari, Chashnagiri on Saburtalo, Palaty, Badia, Gorgasali, Maspindzelo Betania, Otium, Ubani, In the Shadow of Metekhi, Maspindzelo, Bread House, Cafe C & # 39; est la vie, Intelligentsia, Coffee Bean, Akaska, 8000 Harvest, Restaurant & quot; Tbilissi & quot; Pizzarium, Cafe bar Tatine, Restaurant Vartsikhe Cellar, Sandwich Bar. 

It is unknown at this time when restaurants will be reopened. Representatives of various spheres held several rallies in front of the Georgian government administration to protest the restrictions. 

Based on the government's decision, the following restrictions will remain in force from February 1:

  • Curfew - Citizens will not be allowed to go out without a permit from 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM;
  • Restrictions imposed on ski resorts;
  • Restriction on intercity traffic;
  • Wearing of face masks, keeping distance, managing the flow of customers in trading facilities.

By Ana Dumbadze 

29 January 2021 10:34