McDonald's Georgia Will Not Join Boycott Declared by Restaurants

McDonald's Georgia will not be able to join a protest of over 150 restaurants on January 30, the company's founder Temur Chkonia has announced.

The businessman has explained that even though he expresses solidarity with the protesters, his company cannot join the protest due to the terms of the contract with McDonald’s.

"We sincerely support the restaurants and express full solidarity; we shall be by their side at all times. But unfortunately, we cannot join this action. The only reason is the terms of the contract with McDonald's. We are part of the McDonald's world, we are not separate, so we have to adhere to the terms of policy. Pursuant to to our contract, we have no right to participate in such actions”, said Chkonia.

Over 150 restaurants have declared a boycott against the current coronavirus-related restrictions, planning to shut down their delivery services on January 30, as a sign of protest.

29 January 2021 18:04