WB Regional Director Pledges to Help Georgia Get COVID-19 Vaccines

Deputy Georgian Ministers of IDPs, Labor, Health and Social Affairs, Tamar Gabunia and Tamar Barkalaia, met with World Bank Regional Director Sebastian Molineus.

Their conversation focused on the activities carried out and planned within the framework of the World Bank COVID-19 Emergency Response Project and vaccine issues.

Gabunia thanked the World Bank Regional Director for their active involvement in the development of the National Vaccine Implementation Plan, including the communication plan, and for their support in mobilizing financial resources for the purchase of the vaccine.

At the meeting, Molineus reiterated the WB's support for Georgia and pledged to assist Georgia to timely import the Covid-19 vaccines.

The sides also focused on the need to introduce digital technologies.

Notably, World Bank provided Georgia with 2.5 million Covid tests and mechanical ventilation devices to tackle the pandemic.

By Ana Dumbadze 

30 January 2021 14:44