US Embassy Celebrates Kolkheti National Park on World Wetlands Day

US Embassy in Tbilisi is celebrating Kolkheti National Park, the first national site of Georgia, on World Wetlands Day.

The park initially received its worldwide acclaim in 1996, when Georgia joined the Ramsar Convention, the international treaty on wetlands. 

Kolkheti National Park, located in a historical region of western Georgia, is nominated to UNESCO World Heritage List. A wetland of global importance, the Park is known for its biodiversity and conservation of unique species.

“Today we are celebrating Kolkheti National Park, a wetland of international importance recognized under the Ramsar Convention. The wetlands are critically important for water quality, flood control, and biodiversity, of which Kolkheti National Park is especially rich.

"On #WorldWetlandsDay, we encourage you to take time to learn about your local wetlands, their importance, and to visit them when you get a chance.

"The United States is committed to protecting wetlands through projects to restore, rehabilitate, and re-establish wetland sites,” the Embassy statement declares.

The World Wetlands Day, annually celebrated on February 2 since 1971, marks its 50th anniversary today. The celebration aims to raise awareness on the crucial role of wetlands for the environmental wellness of our planet.

By Tiko Zurabishvili

Source: US Embassy in Tbilisi 


02 February 2021 14:22