EU Amb: Maintaining Mandates for Opposition MPs was the Right Move

"Yesterday, Parliament decided not to terminate the mandates of opposition MPs, which, I think, was the right move. This is a precondition for maintaining the dynamics of continued the negotiations," EU Ambassador to Georgia Carl Hartzell told reporters, responding to the issue of maintaining the mandates of members of the opposition.

"I believe that all the opportunities that will allow participation in the work of the parliament based on their role will be the only good result. The rest, in my opinion, will be an unfavorable situation for everyone, because it will be the failure of the ruling party, the failure of the opposition and, most importantly, the failure of the Georgian society," said the ambassador.

Yesterday, no members of the ruling party Georgian Dream voted for the termination of the mandates of the opposition MPs. 

Consequently, all 51 opposition MPs who requested the termination of their mandates remain members of parliament.

By Ana Dumbadze 

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03 February 2021 14:12