Snow Expected on New Year's Eve in Tbilisi

New year’s eve will bring snow throughout Georgia, including Tbilisi.

From December 29th, rain is expected in several regions, while snow is already expected in the mountains, the head of the National Agency of Environment Svetlana Nioradze said.

Temperatures will remain 15 degrees celsius in the lowlands, in Western Georgia, and 14 degrees celsius in the East.

“It is expected to rain in most of regions of Western Georgia and less in the East. Also, it will snow in Georgia’s mountainous regions. In West Georgia temperatures will be 10 degrees and 12 in Eastern Georgia. The rain will turn into snow on December 31st and it will stay the same temperature for the 1st of January. The temperatures will be between 1-6 degrees in the day time and it will be -1, -2 at night.” said Svetlana Nioradze.

The forecast predicts continued cold weather from January 2nd onward.

Nina Ioseliani

30 December 2015 19:39