Scientific Proof Expected to Determine Georgia as Birthplace of Wine

Is Georgia birthplace of wine or not? The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the United States government agency responsible for the civilian space program as well as aeronautics and aerospace research, is studying this question.

The National Agency of Georgian wine said the project will scientifically determine Georgia as the birthplace of wine. The scientific research requires a long-term process until the final results can be published.

According to David Magradze, the head of Georgian wine association and regulation management, the final result would be known in December 2015.

“The first result of models sent into the NASA laboratory showed a wine acid remain was discovered in one model, which is consider as mark of European vine. The second parts of models are already sent and research will finish in December. Declaring Georgia as birthplace of wine will be most important phenomena, which will rise in interests in the world about Georgia,” Magradze said.

The government of Georgia started to work on the project in January 2014.

Several international scientific centers, such as a laboratory of NASA, Pennsylvania State University, University of Montpellier, University of Milan and more, are involved in the project.

“We are sure definitely Georgia is the birthplace of wine, but the models need to be recognized and declared by the leading scientists of the world," Levan Davitashvili said.

04 January 2016 16:45