ProCredit Bank Gives GEL 20,000 to Algeti National Park

On 9 June 2015 Asmus Rotne, General Director of ProCredit Bank, and David Morrison, Executive Director of the Caucasus Nature Fund, signed a charitable agreement according to which ProCredit Bank will allocate GEL 20,000 to Algeti National Park. The money will go towards improving the infrastructure of the park. The amount is not enough to complete the renovation activities, so the Fund will cover the rest. As part of the arrangement, a visit to Algeti National Park for the bank’s employees is planned. During the visit to the park they will see many beautiful places rich in flora and fauna and will also tour archaeological sites in the area. At the same time employees will take part in the renovation activities organised by the Caucasus Nature Fund.

ProCredit Bank and the Caucasus Nature Fund have been successfully co-operating for almost five years. Every year the bank allocates a certain amount of money towards improving the infrastructure of our protected areas. During this period of co-operation, the Bank has allocated money for the Lagodekhi Protected Area and Vashlovani Nature Reserve, and now for Algeti National Park. In order to protect and preserve Georgia’s natural beauty, ProCredit Bank will continue to engage in such charitable activities in the future.

11 June 2015 21:46