Georgian Delta to Sell Saudi Arabia Medical Armored Vehicles

Georgia’s State Military Scientific-Technical Center Delta will sell medical armored vehicles of its own production to Saudi Arabia.

As an agreement signed between Georgia and Saudi Arabia parties in December stated ‘Delta’ will provide Saudi Arabia with more than one hundred medical armored vehicles at the cost of over 100 million lari.

According to our information, Delta participated in a tender announced by Saudi Arabia in order to design armored vehicles, where the Georgian state center competed against famous armored vehicle manufacturers such as Oshkosh, Streit group, AIG, Steyr and Lenco bearcat.

State Military Scientific-Technical Center Delta is engaged in the Defense Industry and provides technical supportfor Georgiam Armed Forced concerning ammunition, military vehicles, specialized buildings and fortifications, implementation/application of new weapons systems and their subsequent support, humanitarian demining and demilitarization works.

The main mission of STC Delta originated from the state interest of Georgia and their national defensive strategy. The main task of the center is facilitation of the development of the national military industry, design-implementation in the production of up-to-date and innovative military technology, design, creation and serial production of combat equipment and armament meeting the requirements of world tendency.

27 January 2016 13:38