Bioli Medical Wellness Resort Opens in Tbilisi

The Bioli Wellness Resort complex has been opened at an altitude of 1,200 meters in Kojori recreational area, Tbilisi. According to the company’s website, the concept of the complex is innovative in the wellness industry.

“World­ famous wellness resorts were created as a holiday business and health improvement ideology and proper procedures were presented as additional services. Georgian Bioli on the contrary, is designed to improve health and prevent diseases based on modern medical theory,” Bioli's website states.

Bioli complex is in a special geographical location.

“Georgia is one of the unique places with its diversity of medical resources, including bioactive endemic species, medicinal mud and minerals. Scientists believe this diversity is explained by the relatively young age and energy of the Caucasus Mountains.”

Those wishing to be treated in Bioli will get diagnostics on the body’s effective functioning on a cellular level. Based on the results people will receive an individual wellness program, including functional nutrition with additive medicinal plants as well as anti-stress physical activity, proper spa-therapies and other treatments customized to individual health requirements. 

03 February 2016 17:56