Georgia to Start Solid Waste Separation and Recycling

TBILISI – Georgia’s municipalities and general public will begin to separate and recycle solid waste from 2019, according to new legislative changes.

Solid Waste Management Company director Giorgi Shukhoshvili said discussions are underway to carry out the sorting of separated waste on new regional landfills, after which private sector companies will then be given the green light to process the separated raw materials.

“We're working on determining what sort of technologies can and need to be introduced into the recycling process. This is open for investors and, if they choose to, the government will support them,” Shukhoshvili said in an interview with a local news outlet.

The Solid Waste Management Company is also in the process of creating modern landfills to connect the country's municipalities to a regional landfill once the older sites close.

19 February 2016 14:46