Georgian Students to Start Apple Chip Production

TBILISI – A group of food technology students at Georgia’s Agricultural University have started producing apple chips that will later be introduced to the domestic retail market.

The student group previously won a $10,000 grant from Georgia’s TS Fund as part of its Student Innovation Program. With the grant, they hope to create a start-up that will eventually export to Europe.

The group has already created a prototype apple chip that will appear on the Georgian market within the next six months.

Student representative Nona Noniashvili said their product contains the same nutritional properties as fresh apples.

The students also plan to launch a line of beetroot chips later this year.

The Education, Science and Technological Development Foundation for Tomorrow’s Success, or TS Fund, was established in June 2015 aimed at assisting in the development of high tech production by local enterprises and companies.

By Anna Akhalaia

Edited by Nicholas Waller

22 February 2016 14:45