Georgian Wine Degustation at Boston Wine Expo

The Georgian National Wine Agency (NWA) presented Georgian wines at the Boston Wine Expo, introducing 18 Georgian wine-producing companies to visitors.

The Boston Wine Expo was held for the 26th time this year, hosting wine importers, distributors, and sommeliers, with thousands of wine brands from around the world on a display.

In collaboration with Marqenergie marketing agency, the NWA also organized a Georgian Wine Day in New York, bringing 40 different brands from Georgian wine producers, with both Qvevri and traditional wines presented. Two degustation–seminars for wine importers and wine connoisseurs were also held.

George Samanishvili, the head of Georgian National Wine Agency, claims Georgian wine has a good potential to be established in the US market.

“The US market is a strategically important one for us. The NWA, in collaboration with the private sector, has implemented a marketing strategy and an action plan. Both have already drawn concrete results towards the increase of export in the US,” Samanishvili said. 

During his visit to the US, Samanishvili met with local wine importers, distributors, hotel and wine restaurant owners, as well as with media representatives from Bloomberg and Food and Wine Magazine.

“Such events give us the chance to establish Georgian wine in the US market for key wine categories, as many wine critics, wine shop and restaurant owners attend the exhibition," Mamuka Tsereteli, Head of the Georgian Wine House, said.

300,000 bottles of Georgian wine were exported to the US in 2016, a 15% increase from 2015. 

Nino Gugunishvili

27 February 2017 15:25