Georgia Celebrates International Women's Day

TBILISI- March 8 is International Women’s Day, which sees Women celebrated for their many contributions to society. Unlike the recently passed Mother’s day (March 3), March 8 celebrates all women, whatever their circumstance.

However, this also marks a poignant day for equality activists around the world, which is an on-going struggle in some parts of the world. There are many peaceful protests planned today around the globe.

The Guardian has stated that “Women in more than 50 countries will go on strike from paid and unpaid labour on Wednesday while millions more will be taking part in direct action on what is set to be one of the most political International Women’s Days in history, from Thailand to Poland, the United States to Australia, the first International Women’s Strike will see action on both the industrial and domestic fronts, with participants keen to show solidarity with an energised global women’s movement”

Wherever you may be and however you plan to mark the occasion, we at Georgia Today wish you a very happy and peaceful International Women’s Day


Tamzin Whitewood

08 March 2017 13:27