Helicopters and Manpower Fight against Fire in Borjomi

Three helicopers, two from Georgia and one from Azerbaijan are working in Borjomi, south-central Georgia, in order to extinguish the forest fire near the Tsagveri village.

This area was on fire for around a week in late August as well.

The new fire broke out in the forest on Sunday. As Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) reports, two Turkish helicopters are on their way to Borjomi Gorge, to join the other three helicopters.

The Ministry added that nearly all open zones have been extinguished. MIA stated that since the breakout of the blaze on Sunday, a 6 kilometer strech of road has been cleared to reach the burning areas.

Infrastructure Minister Zurab Alavidze says the fire is far from any populated areas and will not endanger locals.

He said that manpower and all necessary equipment are working on the site, adding no serious complications have occurred on the territory.

This is the third large-scale fire in Borjomi forest since the 2008 Georgia-Russia war, when the occupants deliberately set fire to the area.

The second fire broke out on August 20, 2017 and after Georgia’s joint efforts with its allies, the fire was put after a week. 

By Thea Morison

25 September 2017 10:28