Historical Building of Tbilisi Circus Is for Sale


Real estate service company Colliers International Georgia reports that the historical building of the Tbilisi Circus is now for sale at a starting price of $18 million.

The information posted on the website of Colliers International Georgia reads that the total area of the real estate is 21,014 square meters. 

“Built in 1939, the Tbilisi Circus was designed by Nikolay Neprintsev, a prominent soviet architect at the time. The structure was one of the most significant and well-appointed circus buildings in the Soviet Union. The structure includes a neo-classical rotunda and 4,750 m2 of total space spread over four floors and a basement. The adjoining administrative building counts approximately 800 m2, and contains support facilities for circus operation,” Colliers International Georgia reports.

The company added that the property is suitable for the development of a mixed-use scheme including office, hotel, event hall and other leisure facilities.

“The site is located on a hill overlooking Heroes’ Square, the main transport junction of the city. Tbilisi`s three most active and popular districts, Vake, Vera (Mtatsminda) and Saburtalo meet there. The land provides an eye-catching 360-degree view of Tbilisi and the main city sights including historical Tbilisi, as well as sweeping views of Mtatsminda Mountain and the Valley of Mtkvari (Kura) River. Because of this unique perspective, it is an exceptional property in the city center,” the web page says.

The circus building and the adjoining structure represent a monument of cultural heritage.

By Thea Morrison 


30 October 2017 09:05